Half Life Team Command

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Half Life Team Command (HLTC) is a tool for clans or loose groups that are playing on different public servers. With HLTC, the team leader selects the public server everyone is playing on, and everyone else's HL will automatically connect to the same game server.


Ok, I know it doesn't look cool but usually you don't even see it because you're ingame right ?



Platform: All MS windows versions (95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP)

HLTC Server: hltcsrv.zip (zip file, 246 kB)
HLTC Client: hltc.zip (zip file, 197 kB)



Client (including team leader):


Team leader

You are now connected as the first player. If you wish, you can set a gamehost now by entering it's IP and port into the Game Host field (e.g. "") and clicking on "Set Gamehost".

Alternatively, you can start HL, connect to the public server you want and type "condump" in the console. This will as well trigger the "Set Gamehost" function with the IP of the server you last connected to (HLTC will monitor the condump files for the line "Connection accepted by [...]") and distribute it to all clients. Their running games will be disrupted and they have the chance to connect to the new server.

Team member

You are now connected to the HLTC server and receive the game information. If the team leader is already in the game and the game host is set, simply click on "Start and Connect" to join. If not, you can always start HL, because HLTC will inform you through the console when the game host gets announced.

When the team leader has announced the game server, your current game will be disrupted, you're dropped to the console where the following message is displayed:

= Please enter 'tcj' to connect to the new host !    =

If you have bound tcj to "+exec test.cfg" then type "tcj", if not, simply type "+exec test.cfg". You will be connected to the server announced by the team leader.


I'm aware that this software is quite in an early development state. I cannot assure that every mail sent to me gets a response because I have few spare time, but I read them all and take them into account when making changes to the software. Always keep in mind that this is a free piece of software and I publish this as a favour to all of you.

Feel free to send me your suggestions, thoughts and proposals for improvement:

André Lang (a.k.a "Sierra", often to be found on the CS 4players.de public servers)