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Frequently Asked Questions

QSelect 1.51 / 1.6 FAQ

WB00882_.GIF (263 Byte) QSelect does not seem to copy anything at all.
WB00955_.GIF (255 Byte) This can happen on two occasions:
  • Quake is located in a directory with a space in its name. Rename the Quake directory so that it does not contain a space
  • xcopy32.exe, which is used for copying the files, cannot be found. This especially happens on Windows NT4/2000/XP. Copy the file "xcopy.exe", which is located in your <windows>\system32 directory to "xcopy32.exe". QSelect should work now.

WB00882_.GIF (263 Byte) The web updater does not work.
WB00955_.GIF (255 Byte) All former update sites are down now.

To change the settings to point to the new location, open qselect.ini with Notepad and look for:


or some similar line if you got another version than 1.51. Now replace the server part (bold):

Change it to:

Now just start QSelect and the Web Updater.

WB00882_.GIF (263 Byte) I have an quake version which I once installed with "new / unknown version", because QSelect didn't support it at that time. Now I got a QSelect update which supports that version, but it is still listed as "unknown" (or empty infobox).
WB00955_.GIF (255 Byte) You need to install that version again. Delete it in the version manager, and install it again from the list of "known" versions. When prompted, select do not select "automatic download" and point to the archive on your hard disk instead. QSelect will now install that version properly and add it to the version control.

WB00882_.GIF (263 Byte) I keep getting this error saying it cannot find a .dll "cp3230mt.dll"
WB00955_.GIF (255 Byte) Please download the fixed exe here and overwrite the old one.

I forgot to link all neccessary runtime libraries to the .exe file, so QSelect will look for this dll instead. If you've downloaded QSelect after the 20th of August, this error cannot occur anymore.

WB00882_.GIF (263 Byte) The version changer doesn't run properly. When the console window opens, it shows "invalid number of parameters" for a second. QSelect shows that the version has been changed, but when Quake starts the version is still the same one.
WB00955_.GIF (255 Byte) This error only occurs when your Quake 2 direcory name contains a space. Rename your Quake dir to something that doesn't contain a space.

QSelect 1.0 FAQ (old !)

WB00882_.GIF (263 Byte) I've the original version (3.05) of Quake 2 and don't know which patches I need in order to upgrade to the latest (3.14) version. Do I need to apply all patches up to 3.14 or just this one ?
WB00955_.GIF (255 Byte) Take a look at the download page. You'll find all available patches there.

WB00882_.GIF (263 Byte) I'm trying QSelect and wonder why when Quake 2 is up to version 3.14 you chose not to include it as an install option. I don't even have a version earlier than 3.14 in archive making QSelect uninstallable for me.
WB00955_.GIF (255 Byte) The problem is that if you already have the 3.14 version installed, the old exe and dll files from 3.05 and 3.10 are no more on your system, thus making it impossible for QSelect to switch back to those versions. You can never change back to a Quake version previous to the one you have when installing QSelect. If you still have the original version, you should re-install Quake 2, then install QSelect and upgrade to 3.14 (your savegames will probably not be changed, but better make a backup before).

If you have questions not covered by this FAQ you can always send me a .

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