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Saturday, 19. January 2002

The US mirror has also been closed. is now the only site which hosts QSelect.

I updated the faq so check it ! There are some important bugfixes listed.

Tuesday, 21. August 2001

As you probably already have seen, all work on this project has been discontinued. I stopped the work about two years ago but as it still gets many page impressions, I decided to move the pages to my own company's server The UK and German mirros had already been closed during the years, and only the US one on is still up.

I will keep these pages online for reference and for those who still play Q2. However, don't expect any new versions.

Saturday, 31. October 1998

I'm going to a Quake II network session today and discovered yesterday that QSelect 1.52 still doesn't contain any information about the new 3.17, 3.18 and 3.19 patches...

So I wrote an update last night, it's QSelect 1.6. I don't have a complete installation version for those of you who try QSelect for the firste time, but after downloading the 1.51 you can use the Web Updater to get the 1.6 update (sorry, I have got to get some practice in Quake deathmatch rather than writing a new install...).

Monday, 17. August 1998

Had a problem with my mail account these days. Everyone who tried to reach me at please try again at . I'm working on the 2.0 version but it's still not finished yet. Hopefully, it will be finished this month.

Monday, 20. July 1998

I found out that I forgot to link some runtime libraries, which caused a "missing dll" error in QSelect. I recompiled QSelect, you can find the fixed exe on the download page.

I'm working on the new version (2.0) of QSelect, but I still have got some exams this month. The new version will include a binding manager (never lose your favorite bindings again), the mentioned mod-manager and -hopefully- a tool to syncronize Quake2 installations during a LAN session. I had one few days before with eight other players, but even with QSelect it was hard to syncronize all games and versions. Some had Jail mod with 3.14, some had 3.17, some others had an old Jail mod...

I'll try to add a feature to syncronize all these mods. However, this will only work with the "new" mods (those you have a QSelect configuration file for - it's something like a Gamespy Tab). QSelect will act as a server you can connect to from another computer. You get a list of games, selecect some and click on "syncronize" to copy files and settings (hopefully). Of course, QSelect will modify the copied configuration to match your own system configuration (graphicboard, soundcard)

Friday, 3. July 1998

After I found some major bugs, I decided to re-release the bugfixed version 1.5 as 1.51. You can now install Quake version 3.06 to 3.09 without getting an error message, and install QSelect on a 3.05 system without getting an error message during install. I'm also planning a co-operation with Jacob Andersson from QuakeManiac. As he reviews many mods, he will mantain an up-to-date database where you can find any mod you'd like to play. Select the mod you want, double-click on it, and QSelect will do ALL the rest, like downloading, extracting, installing, adjusting command line parameters, switching to the appropiate Quake version...

It's that easy !

Check out QuakeManiac's site to find out more about the mods that are available !

Sunday, 28. June 1998

I've released a preview of the new 2.0 now, because I don't want to let you wait any longer. During the next weeks, I've exams at university, so I won't be able to do anything on QSelect. I tried to fix as many bugs as possible, but due to my limited time, I was not able to completely test it. But it already runs very stable. The new features you have:

- QSelect "knows" all the updates. It can download and extract them for you, checks if you have the neccessary prerequisites when installing a new patch, and so on.

- QSelect can be installed while you have any Quake 2 version.

- QSelect now has a web update feature. You can check for new versions in the "Web Updater" which can be found in the Help menu and download them immediately.

And I changed the whole file system to the Windows-Ini-style to make everything easier and more reliable. So, when a new version is available, you don't need to reinstall everything. Updating will be done automatically.

Saturday, 20. June 1998

Puuh ! The version manager has been completely rewritten, and also the configuration file system... and there is something completely new:

I've finally managed to get the automatic download manager working ! That means, you don't need to search for patches and updates anymore, just connect to the internet and click on "install this patch from the internet" and OK... !!! That's all !

Of course it's foolproofed yet (especially not when deleting an update. Say, if have point-update 3.13 and patch 3.14 you mustn't delete the 3.13 update, because the 3.14 patch would be useless without it.

I don't know how long it will take to finish this version... I have to write exams at university in one and a half week, so if this version isn't finished in a few days, it will not be for a month...

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