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This project has been discontinued. This site will stay online as a reference however. See news...

What is QSelect ?
QSelect is a Quake 2 frontend which will make starting different mods a little bit easier.

What does QSelect ?
What QSelect does is executing the appropiate command line when you start a Quake game (also referred to as "mod"). These command lines are stored by QSelect and can be changed anytime. So there is no need of dozens of batch files anymore.

What else can it do ?
Furthermore, and more important, QSelect can manage the different versions of Quake 2 and automatically change to the one that is needed by the selected mod. As there are many mods that don't work with version 3.13 and later but which are still fun to play (e.g. the MultiGrenade update in multiplayer... just think of the Cataclysm device...) the question arises if it's worth having megs of disk space wasted with different versions of Quake. If your answer is no, you should let QSelect help you changing between the different versions of Quake. QSelect has an integrated version manager. So you don't need to keep track of all the Quake updates that are around. Just tell QSelect what version you need and QSelect will install the version automatically. If neccessary, QSelect will download the file from Internet for you.

QSelect just needs seconds for switching to another version, without it reinstalling would be the only solution.

Where can I get those mods ?
A good place to find mods is QuakeManiac's site.  From the 2.0 version of QSelect he will collect the mods that reside in the "immediate play" list. You can download, install, configure and play these mods with just one mouse click. Of course, this list will be updated every day ! QSelect 2.0 will be available about August.

Changes from QSelect 1.0 to 1.5:

  • QSelect "knows" all the updates. It can download and extract them for you, checks if you have the neccessary prerequisites when installing a new patch, and so on.
  • QSelect now has a web update feature. You can check for new versions in the "Web Updater" which can be found in the Help menu and download them immediately.

Changes from QSelect 1.5 to 1.51:

  • various major bugfixes. Quake 2 version 3.06 to 3.09 can now be installed without errors.

Changes from QSelect 1.51 to 1.6:

  • Quake 2 versions 3.17, 3.18 and 3.19 are now supported and can be auto-installed.

To install QSelect, you need can have any of the Quake versions from 3.05 to 3.15. Install QSelect and it will help you installing all the other versions that have been released so far. QSelect will also work with future updates of Quake 2.

QSelect has been tested with the following versions of Quake II












3.18 3.19


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(taken from QSelect 1.0)

If you have any comments or suggestions how to improve the program, or if you have any bug reports, do not hesitate to mail me at:

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